Powassan Agricultural Society  - 122nd Fall Fair - Labour Day Weekend

Please keep the arranged upon time for pick up. Tent co-ordinator will only wait 30 minutes after that time.  Thank you.

Tents are unavailable on Fair weekend.
All Tents are already booked for the Canada Day Weekend and the August 5th weekend.

We rent our tents out locally 
Contact: Isabel Topps  705-493-3373(Texting is preferred)

Prices are:

$70 for the weekend (pick up Friday, returned Monday) 

must be paid when picked up

A $200 refundable damage deposit is required.(a cheque is fine)

10 x 10 (2)
20 x 20 (2)
20 x 30 (2)
20 x 40 (2)

Some Fronts & sides are also available.

Tents are unavailable for renting on the labour day weekend.

Arrangements must also be made for returning tents, they cannot just be dropped off at fairgrounds.

Tents are silver/grey in colour, some have holes that are covered with duct tape.


Q: Why is water pooling on top of the shelter?

A: Tarps must be bungeed inside the framework of the shelter. Wherever a tarp touches a horizontal pole, it creates a dam even if it is just barely touching.Bungees could be stretched out and allowing the tarp to sag which would allow water to collect and pool on top. Pipes may need to be pulled out and adjusted slightly also. 

As a registered charitable organization, we are authorized to issue official tax receipts for personal donations

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