Powassan Agricultural Society  - 123rd Fall Fair - Labour Day Weekend

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Fall Fair Feedback


After the fair
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Fall Fair Feedback

Thought I'd post some comments/feedback

"I will never leave the fair as long as it is around I am in. It is sad but there are people who want to ruin it all. Family affordable fun is what it should be all about."

from a vendor:
"We travel to lots of fairs and Powassan Fall Fair is one of the best organized."


 Despite all the set backs, we managed to put on our 119th fair.3 Directors quit on us in June and 4 days before the fair our President also quit. 

Yet, we pulled together and put on a family oriented, affordable fair. We have a core group of volunteers that believe in the fair and kept the tradition alive this year. 

 Mary ann Haddow, Lois Vester, Myrna McCabe, Wayne Vester, Lynn Restoule, Zachary Dolbeck, Jean and Garry Dudgeon, Donna Bartlett and her kids, Lucan & Sara; Rick MacDougall, Michelle Bester, Debbie Barton, Klaus Wand, Gail & Al Korhohen, Rita Desbiens, April & Pat Murphy, Charlene Beaudoin.
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