Powassan Agricultural Society  - Powassan Agricultural Society

The Powassan Agricultural Society was 9 years old when Powassan was incorporated as a town in 1904. The Society was first called South Himsworth(1895-1903), The North Parry Sound(1904-1906) and in 1907 became what it is today - The Powassan Agricultural Society.

The first Fair was held on the boardwalk in front of what was the Powassan Junior Public School. There were 28 exhibitors and gate receipts were $70. The government grant at the time was only $71. One exhibitor showed a pair of bantam hens and received a bag of carrots. The present location of the Society was purchased form William F. Clark in the 1900's. In 1938, O.W. Thompson Co. donated a large building that was used by this company to store their annual harvest of fox pelts. This became the new exhibition building, which is still used for that purpose today.  Today, the Fall Fair is held each year on the Labour Day Weekend and draws crowds from all over the District to view displays of arts,crafts, baking, and enjoy the traditional Horse Pulls and Demolition Derby, bingo, penny sale, and to meet old friends.

Our first President was B. Gough 1895-1907

Our first Secretary was Abe Oldfield 1895-1903 

Our first Treasurer was J. Porter 1895-1914

"Keeping the tradition alive"

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